Upcycled Off White Across Body Shopping BETTY Tote from Harrods Jacket

IMG_6145 This one started out as a particularly grubby Harrods jacket with amazing stitch detailing to the front but over years of wear had gathered some grime. I set about taking apart all the seams and cleaning all the leather up, for this colour I was able to use good old baby wipes they did the trick and bought the leather back to life. Keeping both the pockets for use on the outide always makes for a more useful bag, occasional depending on the age of the coat the pocket need relining.



IMG_3529I love the simplicity of this big tote, it just brilliant size for a shopping trip and equally great for an overnight stay. As usual I have decided on a funky striped shirt for the lining and any goes with off white leatherIMG_3533