Memory Commonwealth Games 2014

Memory Commonwealth Games 2014

Feeling so honoured to get this bundle through the post, a full uniform and the chance of preserving a memory of Commonwealth Games 2014.

The owner had done the honourable thing of volunteering for the 2014 event and worn the uniform with pride. After the event what does one do with the uniform apart from hang it in the wardrobe. Well thats is where it has sat for 2 years until now.

We communicated via Facebook messenger and agreed on something a bit quirky but very useable for everyday or a weekend away.

It took me a while to decide which parts of the jacket and the other garment would feature on the bag and more often than not it evolves as the process goes on.

I decided the grey cotton trousers would become the lining, a good stable fabric that would stand the test of time and use. On the back of the two t shirts was the Scotland flag so I just had to add them to the mix too and they ended up on the barrel ends inside.

Here’s the finished bag in all its glory. It was a super satisfying one to create and was very appreciated by it new owner. Definitely a better option for the uniform than sitting collecting dust in the wardrobe for years.

I always love the memory aspect of my bag making , love the service that I can offer people, its a real buzz handing the finished article over.



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