Acid Worm Biker Leathers to Funky Hobo

Acid Worm Biker Leathers to Funky Hobo

Check out these rare acid worm biker leathers,…

It’s never easy to part with your favourite leathers after they’ve served you well and kept you safe on the track, they are part of you and I know they set you back financially and it hurts to not wear them again, so you’ve hung them up unable throw them away, maybe you’ve been thinking what to do with them ?

I can help you find a great use for them so the love affair can continue on regardless of the torn arm or shoulder damage

If you have unwearable leathers and fancy something useful being made out of them

This one…

Made with love for his partner and now starting a whole new life as a cool functional hobo

My purpose is to show people that they can keep their memories alive by turning their loved and lost loved ones clothing (predominently leather) into a special item to not only treasure for the rest of time but in turn bring them comfort.

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Fieldsheer Acid Worm biker leathers

Large funky acid worm BIKER hobo

acid worm biker leather

acid worm biker leathers ready for the chop

acid worm biker leather

acid worm biker leather finished hobo








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