Repurposing Tan Mens Jacket to Hobo

Repurposing Tan Mens Jacket to Hobo

Today I am working on repurposing atan mens jacket to hobo. These commissions are ultimately my most favourite especially if the jacket is outdated it is super satisfying giving it a brand new life. I am not saying men can’t be thoughtful or romantic but I am always surprised when a man contacts me with his own ideas for a surprise gift for his partner/wife. We agree on the most favourable jacket from my stock and I set about deconstructing. See the first video for tips on how to deconstruct your jacket ready for pattern cutting.

During the process of deconstruction I remove the lining and generally throw it away, whilst I love aged leather garments I am never a fan of the lining, they are usually unstable fabrics that have seen better days destined for the bin.

Next stage is to lay the pattern on the separated sections of the jacket and decide which feature parts will become the different sections of the bag. For this bag I had already decided that the beautiful pockets will sit together pretty much as they had on the original coat.

The bottom lower pockets became the side gusset sections. All in all the bag will have all four great useable pockets to the outer part of the bag, a must for a mummy of three with plenty of little things of theirs to carry.
My customer provided me his wedding shirt for the lining, I add a purse zip pocket and leave the chest shirt pocket in situ a mobile phone, also keeping the shirt buttons gives it a quirkiness too. A lovely touch and beautiful memory for his wife, I am really looking forward to her thoughts when he hands it over very soon.







Here’s the finished mens jacket transformed to large hobo bag. Check out the final video too.If you would like any patterns or help making your first leather bag from a garment feel free to contact me.






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