Good things come to those who wait.

Good things come to those who wait.

We had spoken about the bag way back before we had even found the suitable jacket for the bag. The brief was a pewter leather, I had trawled the online sales site, ebay etc and not even come close to finding one. They are rare and I knew that it was only a matter of time before one turned up and wow when it did I was blown away, good things come to those who wait!







The colour was perfect and the leather butter soft. My customer had found it in a little shop in Brighton, I knew it was going to be perfect for the bag. Here the first video I made about the jacket on Facebook Live.

The Prada inspired bag evolving is slightly scaled down size to the normal one I usually make but it will be equally beautiful just you wait. Here’s the next video showing you the next stages of the bag taking shape.

Finally after making all the sections of the lining from the vintage Diesel shirt I sew all the outer and inner sections together, leaving the handle until last. I hope you are getting value from my videos. Here is the final one in this series for this Prada inspired upcycled leather hobo.


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