Nicole Farhi Leather Skirt Gets The Chop

Nicole Farhi Leather Skirt Gets The Chop

There has only been a couple of occasions I can recall when I have been handed a garment for upcycling and I have looked at it and thought uh oh, I really don’t want to cut this one up, one being this Nicole Farhi skirt and a world war german trench coat !

When this beautiful Nicole Farhi leather skirt landed in my hands I instantly fell in love with it, I looked at it for a couple days before finally having the courage to take the scissors to it.

The leather is butter soft lambs leather and the sort that is irresistible to the touch.

We agreed on the style of bag the skirt will become and the pattern literally took up the whole skirt with nothing left over. This was going to be a challenge for sure, no room for error, I am so used to having the extra leather from the sleeves of a jacket to complete my bags and for this one the leather was limited.





Thankfully my client supplied a rather delicious vintage leather belt for the strap it would be a perfect addition to the soft skirt leather, complete opposites but works really well. Mixing the old with the new always sparks interest, and a godsend as none of the skirt leather would be left over to fashion a strap. Adding a thin strip of the brown skirt to the edge of the belt tied them both together a treat.









The lining from the skirt will also be utilised, a two tone satin, not usually my most favourite of fabrics to work with as slightly unstable when cut but it was fine with some iron on cotton to the reverse, I use the fabric backer on most of my linings to add some slight stiffness to the thinner fabrics.










After fully deconstructing the skirt and I decide that I will make my seams the same as they are on the skirt already, it will also take care of the fact that I have limited leather, a minimal seam allowance and apart from that it will look more in line with what I already have in the skirt seams.

And finally here’s the final video of the finished Nicole farhi skirt starting its new life as a Prada inspired bucket hobo.


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