MacBook Pro Distressed HENRY Messenger Leather Bag

I love the leather of this amazing long coat. IMG_3419My project was to a make a distressed Messenger leather bag and yes I know it looks like I am making just this style of bag but this one differs from the others in that I haven’t lined the flap. I thought the leather was so lovely on the reverse that it deserved to stay as is.IMG_3542 It works well and a fab contrast to the funky saville row shirt inside. On this one I kept the shirt cuffs and made them into a purse pocket with zip. IMG_3543 Some bags don’t always go as planned in my head and I can finish them completely then unpick them and start all over again, this was one of those bags.I made it and decided that the bag strap ends could do with being made from thicker tougher leather to support the bag as a laptop carry all so I changed them with much improved coat I used for this one was neck to floor on someone 6′ so loads of leather to play with consequently I got 2 bags from the coat and kept one for myself to replace the old one that my friend begged from me to be her new bag.Here are the two finished bags.IMG_3538IMG_3514The second bag was lined with her little boys baby bedding.IMG_3511