Slouchy FERN Hobo Suede with Cath Kidston Lining

When this lovely soft suede tan mens coat was handed to me along with a Cath Kidston dressing gown it was crying out to be something big and cuddly,IMG_2994 it had hardly been worn and was in tip top condition but never the less no longer worn and was way too lovely to part with. The lining was my clients little boys Cath Kidston flannelette dressing gown and was so so cuteIMG_2997IMG_3001, the softness of the lining was perfect for the touchy feel coat and I couldn’t wait to get on with it. I added my normal pockets inside and utilised the jacket pockets of the outside. It was a great memory bag for her as the jacket belonged to her dad and the lining her sons. The reverse of the jacket collar was tan leather and suede so I was able to use it for the straps giving them a really luxurious feel.IMG_3003