Drew Pritchard Salvage Hunters – Bauhaus Inspired Man Bag HENRY Messenger

I’ve always been a fan of Drew Pritchard Salvage Hunters on Discovery / Quest. Drew and his crew make the series compulsive viewing in our house. I had spotted the satchel style bag he uses in his series and had it in mind that Drew Pritchard would probably like one of my bags too. After contacting Drew Pritchard on Facebook some weeks back and getting a few clues from him what type of leather he’d like and what type of bag.I managed to source this battered black 1960’s coat ready to be transformed into a Bauhaus Inspired Man Bag.IMG_6138 It had obviously been worn by someone doing a hard labour job, it was completely battered on the left side of the jacket and the left underarm was particularly well worn out. It certainly had bags of history, the pockets were very appealing and curled where the hands were in and out of them over the years !! I wish I knew the full story of its original owner. I have looked at the jacket for a few weeks umming and arhring, wondering about the style I should make for Drew Pritchard of Salvage Hunters and doubting myself that he will like the leather I chose for it.IMG_6141 IMG_6140 IMG_6139 IMG_6137 IMG_6136 .I bit the bullet and started the pattern, based on my standard messenger I made the gusset deeper thinking he would probably like to keep a fair amount of stuff in it on his travels buying up old artefacts and antiques.  I kept the flap raw leather / unlined so as to give it a more masculine feel. When I finished the leather outer I needed to make a sturdy lining. Some years ago I met a fab lady by chance that had owned vintage clothes shops in the 70’s in and around London but had for the last 10 years stored all her remaining stock in storage. I managed to acquire a pile of Levi 501 from her to save for a rainy day. IMG_3634 Today was just that day and the denim was just fine in Drews Pritchard bauhaus inspired man bag. Keeping the jeans front pocket and back pocket I stitched them together to make one side of the lining , adding a leather zip pocket from the remainder of the jacket on the opposite side. Dead chuffed how it all looked now finished I looked forward to giving it to him so whilst on a little family holiday this week in Conwy I arranged to meet up with Drew Pritchard and hand over his new (old) bag. All my worrying was laid to rest when he saw it, I could tell straight away he genuinely liked it.  IMG_0299

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