Cobolt Blue Leather Coat transformed into Sling Strap Backpack Handbag


cobolt blue leather

Always an absolute honour for me to have a returning customer and for her to ask for something out of the ordinary from the browns and blacks. The request was for a cobolt blue leather triangular shaped backpack handbag. I managed to fit the bill with this 1980’s grubby little affair but I knew it would clean up just fine. Next stop devise a suitable pattern from the pictures of the bag she would like, it was the first time making this style and I was really looking forward to it taking shape. The leather coat cleaned up a treat and was way more Blue after.  I made it a real good size for everyday use, not too small but big enough to carry a fair amount of clobber. It stands approx 13″ high x 10″.


Cobolt Blue Leather


Cobolt Blue Leather


Cobolt Blue Leather


Cobolt Blue Leather

Placing the full length zip up the back of the bag gives it a more secure feel for my customer, quality antique brass hard wear on the adjustable strap and a Quiksilver quality shirt to finish inside lining with leather phone slip pocket. On the outside I have kept the original coat pocket but added a cuff strap with press stud to secure content.This bag used up every last scrap of leather and the base was the remainder of the coat pieced together to form a pretty mix up of pleating and the popper bases.