So You Ruined Your Biker Leathers

So You Ruined Your Biker Leathers

So you ruined your biker leathers, it doesn’t have to mean the dustbin.  Here’s what you can do, have them preserved and made them into something useful , an overnight bag, a laptop bag or any other type bag, maybe you got a set of leathers that are no longer good enough for wearing because you’ve damaged them racing or maybe they just don’t fit anymore, too small, too big, maybe you’ve lost weight or gained weight, maybe they are out of season, what ever the reason that you no longer wear them let’s talk about what we can repurpose them into.

One aspect of my upcycling leather business is to make something that has sentimental value to you. Perhaps you have hung onto the leathers from a loved one that you’ve lost. Maybe your child rides a bike and has rapidly grown and in need of a new set of leathers and you don’t want to part with them because of the memories they hold of race events etc.

Unfortunately the owner of this leather jacket had a bad crash, I’m happy to say he survived and judging by the damage to certain parts of the jacket it was obvious that the quality leather jacket had done its bit in saving his life,  when it arrived with me it was evident that there had been a bad smash. The titanium shoulder pads were badly dented and road rash along parts of the leather. I know that emergency services had removed the jacket from the rider with a sharp pair of scissors rendering it no longer wearable !

Take a sneak peak of what I made a the Dainese leather jacket into here.

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