Repurposing Old Harley Davidson Jacket

Repurposing Old Harley Davidson Jacket

I have a fair few hundred bags under my belt now but always wanted to have a go at repurposing an old Harley Davidson jacket into a cool weekend bag. I’d looked out for one for ages and bidded up on a few on Ebay, but they always went for more than my budget.

As if by magic I meet a guy through my Facebook page and he starts to tell me all about his Harley Davidson accessories collection including this very cool 100th Anniversary edition Jacket with the logo to the back of the jacket, within a few days of meeting him and chatting about designs etc the jacket falls into my hands. This particular jacket has caused me to be hesitant with the scissors, there was to be no random joining sections together, I knew that each panel needed to be bang on to incorprate all the emblems neatly, You’ll see what I mean later on in the post.Check out the first of the 3 videos below for some more chat about the jacket from minute 3.31.

The In between Stage

So after a few exchanged Facebook messages we agree on the basic design.

My customer especially wanted to keep the memorable labelling in the lining with it being the 100th anniversary piece. I don’t normally like using lining but this one was pretty special and reused it too.

I’ve made this style of bag many times before in different dimensions to suit the particular jacket, for this one I adjusted the gusset shape and width. The front and back panels were smaller than normal deeper gusset to make it into a roomy weekend bag.

It’s still hand luggage cabin sized so really super useful.

The sections coming together in the part 2 video here.

Finally the finished weekend bag is here

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