Aline Coat remade into Red Across Body Bag

Red Retro Aline Coat remade into Red Cross Body Bag-During my recent stint at JoJo’s Emporium pop up shop in The Guildhall Stafford I had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely people that were very supportive of my business and so many of them really “got” the Memory Bag aspect of what I do, they freely discussed with me there own stories and their desire to have there own or their loved ones coats remade into something to treasure for all time. One particular lady stands out to me when we chatted about a beautiful Retro Aline Long Coat belonging to her Mother, she also explained her dad had bought some beautiful silk fabrics whilst travelling in the far east that she would like to line the bag.The next day she happened to be passing by the pop up again and told me she was excited about the prospect of a her new planned Red Cross Body Bag. After a few weeks we arranged a visit and she bought me the coat and lining fabric which I forgot to photo, heres the fab coat.417795_518278928234234_659272762_n 946402_518278941567566_334795153_nWe chatted and decided to keep the original Aline design of the coat into the bag, she also requested if there was leather left over to have a small cross body out of it too. I also forgot to photo the extra cross body. ¬†After deconstructing the coat and removing some of the layer of dirt only to be expected of a 50+ year old coat. I added the pattern and constructed the lining to allow room for full size iPad etc. Heres how it turned out.947243_518279728234154_1383102117_n 65651_518279958234131_651686562_n