Paul Smith inspired Upcycled Leather Disc Necklace

Inspired by the Paul Smith shirts I use to line my upcycled leather bags I set about ways to totally use my scraps from my jackets and coats and I have amassed quite an embarrassing amount stacking up, I have been wading through a great deal of the off cuts to make purses and pencil cases and my hourd is reduced greatly even after making the smaller items I was still unable to actually throw the tiniest of pieces remaining from those items but I now have a solution and this is my latest salvage creation. Necklaces and bracelets cut in rounds from the smallest of scraps. Whilst I have spent a good deal of time making my first few jewellery creations I have found it welcomly therauptic and a good time to reflect. The strands of rounds of leather are beautifully tactile and very comfortable to wear. They are completely randomly threaded together with no thought at all to colour or pattern which I feel works well and just the look I was after. Hope you like them as much as I do. available from my Etsy shop

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