Chesterfield Sofa Hobo

Chesterfield Sofa Hobo

This extra large Chesterfield Sofa hobo has been upcycled from a section of leather from the seats of an old Chesterfield sofa, unfortunately the rest of the sofa didn’t arrive in my possession so I am not sure where it ended up. The leather of the chesterfield sofa hobo is rugged with a beautiful old used look. The chesterfield is quintessentially British and with the classic button detail is made a fab huge overnight hobo lined with Saville Row purple striped shirt with button detail intact.

The characteristic leather sofa retained its distinguished charm over the years, but remained firmly ensconced in the Gentlemen’s Clubs of London for a long time. All the colour schemes and successive models (sofas, settees, window seats, rocking chairs, etc.) that have been designed over the last 200 years are all directly inspired by the original.

Chesterfield Sofa Hobo Bag


Shirt lining with leather phone pocket

Chesterfield Sofa Hobo Bag Chesterfield Sofa Hobo Bag