Upcycled Butter Soft Jacket into Slouchy FERN Hobo Bag

This particular coat was beautifully soft and unusual with the contrasting piping and stripes, I hoped I could keep the piping and stripes with the slouchy hobo bag chosen to add feature to the bag.IMG_6272A gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana was to be the lining of choice.IMG_6275The pockets will end up on the outside but quite concealed.IMG_3619after cutting up the whole jacket and laying on the pattern I was starting to get a little panicky. Normally I would roughly lay on the pattern on large parts of the jacket to get an idea where pockets will sit etc but for some reason I had undone seams I didn’t need to and really made work for myself to resew bits that were already sewn, ah well after much juggling and rearranging my pattern was done and I was happy with all the sections done, it was ready to sew together into a bag but not until the lining pieces are pulled together. The lining is my practice stage of how the leather outer will look. I look at this bag making how I do at a tasty meal, I save the best for last , so before the leather is constructed the lining takes shape first.IMG_3624adding leather to the shirt breast pocket give it longevity for mobile phone use.A big leather pocket with zip finished the lining off. The magnets I use are super strength and keep the bag closed steadfastly.IMG_3623 IMG_3620The stripes really worked all along the gusset of the bag adding a great look, it was a pleasure to make and even more seeing my customer face when she recieved it.