HENRY and TRISH Holdalls Holdalls Holdalls

IMG_4092Having always made large hand luggage size holdalls i though I won;d try something different. Inspired by the Cath Kidston oil cloth holdall I set about making a holdall more elegant and suitable for a lady to use for an overnight stay. I picked out a random orange tan medium length coat and just loved the feature pockets on it.IMG_3775 IMG_3776Whilst it was beautifully made I loved the fact that to edges of the pockets were raw leather as apposed to turned under, it almost sets the tone of the future bag to have a mix of raw and neatend edges. The volume of this bag is the same as the large one but taller more boxy than the gents one. I am always searching for suitable vintage stripes and check shirts to liven up my bags and dropped on this rather jazzy cotton dress which i feel does the leather proud.IMG_3791At the risk of sounding repetitive I have added a zip pocket and phone slip pocket as this seems to be the general requirement from most of my customers. Antique brass zip to close and scotch guarded for stain protection as normal.IMG_3787 IMG_3790