The LUCY Hobo is back and needs a new home !!

photo 5-1photo 1-1When I first started out this is the style of bag I first made and someone actually loved it enough to buy it from me. I was chuffed and very flattered. It was because of that first sale that spurred me on to believe that people would actually trust me enough to make them a bag out of their unwanted coat that they could treasure forever. Its been a few months since I have made the hobo again but strangely I have had three requests for it this week alone. I have rooted through my array of coats and jackets and came up with this one for the chop. I have taken to deconstructing the coats whilst I watch my daughter training at the Lilleshall Gym Club, it means I can still enjoy watching her train but still keeping my hand in for the next bag. these are the finished pics of the bag lined with some left over shirt fabric from a previously used shirt.

photo 5 photo 3 Image Image 1