HENRY – Rugged Vintage brown Jacket to Messenger Bag


Silk Scarf destined to line the Upcycled HENRY Messenger


Silk scarf cut out and ready to line HENRY Messenger


HENRY messenger pieces cut out ready to reconstruct as Bag


Finished HENRY Messenger ready for the birthday Girl Ella Pennock


Great rugged leather from old Jacket

What better gift for a 18th birthday than an upcycled bespoke leather bag that can be treasured forever. The birthday girl (BG) chose this amazing thick brown vintage blouson style jacket..IMG_4042very dated but gorgeous patina to the leather. We agreed to use all four pockets one way or the other on the bag and lining, IMG_4054 IMG_4052 IMG_4051 IMG_4045 all this jiggling with the pattern takes time but I always seem to under estimate the time it takes me to cut out and construct the bag lining and this particular one took me the best part of the day. First reason being the BG asked me to use this lovely scalf and I wanted to use the pattern symmetrically , not sure why, but once it was cut out I liked it matching all through lining, the second reason was given the silky thinness of the scalf I wanted to interline it to give it stability. IMG_4056 After competing the lining I started to plan the outside bag, it was a very thick leather coat which always gives me a few problems contracting the bag. My industrial machine is pretty dam tough at sewing through many layers of leather with a breeze but this one was a struggle. Eventually I had a bag to call and ready for its inner. IMG_4062 IMG_4061 IMG_4060 The finished bag looked the part with the gorgeous scarf as lining  and I was proud to hand it over to the birthday girls Mum. Happy Birthday Ella Pennock.