Harrods Leather Coat One Strap LUCY Hobo Bag

I hesitated for weeks and weeks about cutting up this particular coat, a stunning Harrods trench coat that was bursting with history, what I loved about this coat was that all down the front button placket were splashes and drips from years of wear. I suspect the marks beer splashes but strangely they really add more to the fabness of it being vintage. I imagine a real trendy chap wearing this beautiful coat socialising with his pals in his local pub and not really giving a hoot about dripping his drink down the front. IMG_3196I didn’t think I was ever going to have the nerve to cut up such a beauty but the day came when a lovely client contacted me and asked me to make her a big slouchy style bag preferably in Tan. She said unfortunately she didn’t have her own coat to use and did I have one suitable.I got back to her with photos of this fab Harrods coat and she immediately fell in love with it as I had too.It was then agreed the One Strap Slouchy Hobo would be the choice of bag. After dissecting the coat the pattern was laid on and I was chuffed to realise that being such a long coat there would hopefully be a small amount of leather left maybe big enough for a small cross body bag too. Maybe I can a have a little piece of this gorgeous coat after all…bag-pattern

The Hobo bag starts to take shape after a few hours and I’m loving it, this particular leather is fab to sew, tough but beautifully soft to the touch.I lined the bag with a Ted Baker vintage shirt and added a slip pocket for her mobile phone. Lining sprayed with scotchguard and leather weather proofed the bag is soon on its way hand delivered to my waiting new client. Her face is a picture when I finally hand her the completed hobo.IMG_3210 copyand with the left over leather I made an iPad sized bag. I use it every day and love it.946499_535746749820785_1756312644_n