German Trench into Rugged TOM Duffle Holdall


meyer schuchardt coat

Its been a lovely school summer holidays spending extra time with my beautiful children, having lazy sunny mornings.The appeal of not getting out of pj’s until late in the morning some days became addictive. On the other hand I found it a little frustrating not getting a full uninterupted day in my sewing hubb. I have enjoyed the six weeks regrouping and planning my next bespoke bag orders. This one in particular interested me. A fabulous mens Meyer-Schuchardt¬†Original Leather Aviator Flying Coat soon to be Rugged Duffle Holdall.


Frayed Sleeves


Meyer Schuchardt Label


Leather shoulders discoloured


Pocket detail

In a very used vintage condition with torn cuffs and hem and quite a bit of disscolouration to parts of the leather. Never the less this coat is amazing heavy thick quality leather with so much history.Eager to utilise as many of the original features and lifting the two front pockets directly from the coat to make the front of the bag.The peaked pattern of the back of the coat makes for the opposite side of the duffle holdall.


Main holdall body taking shape

On the inside of the front lapel was a concealed zip pocket. It was crying out to be added to the bag somewhere, shame to tuck it away in the lining so I added it to the end circle.


Secret lapel pocket

My customers choice of duffle holdall bag will work really well with this old coat. I devised a new pattern for this bag with round ends.


circle bag ends for outer and lining

The belt and buckle was battered but I had to use it on the bag somewhere. Obvious choice to use it for the bag handles. They work really well to add ruggedness to the overall bag.




Belt Buckles


Belt Buckles

The coat still had the original liner with little quirky features that could be resused. There was a waist poppered strap that fed through a leather edged opening, this became a key strap into a pocket. Part of the collar refashioned to mobile phone slip pocket.


Waist strap


Collar – mobile phone pocket

The opposite side carries a padded iPad pocket.(Difficult to see from the picture).


iPad Pocket

Heavy duty upcycled zip from a previous coat. The duffle is taking shape.


Inserting zip

Spending a good couple of days making this bag but always with trepidation that it all ends up how I imagined. Of course I follow a pattern for the outline design but all the little extras for the inside etc kind of happens as I go along.I try to make the finished bag not only look great but to have full functionality. I hope that it reflects in these final pictures.


Finished Duffle Holdall

The duffle holdall boasts rounded side seams creating a very modern, contemporary look from all angles.


Holdall Round ends


Finished Duffle Holdall complete with Belt Handles