The ‘C’ word again


The ‘C’ Word again


12″ Leather Christmas stockings


Large leather blouson


Hanging Christmas tree decs

I just love to get strange (sorry Linda) requests, perhaps I should say unusual requests. I’m always up for a challenge and this was a lovely one. I am not the most Christmassy person and refuse to even start my shopping until after the tree is up, normally leaving myself less than a fortnight to start and finish the festivity shopping , so to even use the C word in May/June goes against the grain a little. I apologise in advance for sharing with you now six months from C but I thought that now actually would be the good time to share this project incase you too would like to use your old leather jacket, tucked away for something like this. This jacket arrived to me from the States after finding me on Etsy where I have a shop selling my upcycled leather ‘jackets to bags’ and accessories, along with the fur I managed to make 3  x 12″ lined stockings, and 9 hanging tree decorations, each one taking on a little bit of the original jacket, buttons, seam detail etc.I believe these are to be handed down to her children and grandchildren, a lovely sentiment and hopefully will last decades to come, tucked away all year in the Christmas box in the attic until that time in December when out they come. Hopefully Linda in the states will send me some pics of them on her and her families Christmas trees. If you have an unusual coloured leather jacket that you no longer want or need and perhaps you would like to upcycle it into something a bit different get in touch , or even if you don’t I will be interested in your jacket.