15″ MacBook Pro Leather HENRY Messenger Bag

I am asked a lot to make a bag suitably sized for laptops, this particular one is large enough for a 15″ laptop. I’ve made dozens of this style of bag but every single one different. I started out by emailing over pictures of 8 different coats all varying different shade of brown.We agree on this one.IMG_3367  after a choice of 6 or so striped shirts my client chooses this oneIMG_3408 The dissecting of the coat and cutting the pattern can be bit time consuming but once all cut out I move on to the lining which can actually take longer to piece together than the outer leather. I usually add a phone slip pocket with a zipper pocket opposite for purse.The outer bag is usually quicker as the original pockets from the coat are used as features.IMG_3426I try whenever to upcycle the hardware for my bags but its not always possible .