Up-cycling Corduroy Hacking Jacket to Hobo

These particular projects are by far my most favourite of all. It is always an honour being sent a lost loved ones possessions, Corduroy Hacking Jacket asked to transform them into something special a hobo and purses. It gives me so much pleasure to offer this service to people. I never anticipated the demand for this particular niche and I am grateful beyond words that I get the opportunity to do it daily, what a dream to do something you love and to give others pleasure at the the same time.

IMG_3693My client asked me to make something special from the garments of her late husband. After many months and much thought contacted me with her request on Facebook, she really wanted something to hug and treasure for the rest of time. This Fern hobo made from his soft corduroy hacking jacket and cotton shirts is a slightly scaled down version of the normal size I make to take into account 7 coin purses were required to hand down to daughters and granddaughters. Its amazing just how much fabric there is in a jacket when all deconstructed. All my bags are made with special thought and consideration for the needs of the client and I hope that keeping the features of his jacket and his favourite shirts within the lining bring comfort and joy also seeing it all put back together in the shape of a useable object. The shirt inside is teamed with half the jacket lining to incorporate the jacket inside pockets, making it both useful and nostagic remembering times gone by when worn before. IMG_1650


IMG_1660The seven little coin purses are all lined with a special cotton checked shirt memorable to the children and grandchildren, very functional with quality zips and all scotchguarded to prevent the odd marks and daily dirt picking up on the fabrics. I have teamed both the bag and purses with leather trim to add longevity for use. Keeping the cuff button and buttonhole and buttons to add character and making it a true one off bag never to be seen anywhere else.IMG_1658 IMG_1654 IMG_1648IMG_1643 IMG_1644